Pergola Power and Lighting Project

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    Chris & Carla

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From the moment we received the call we was excited about this project. Chris and Cara took full advantage of their pergola during the summer months but it was now time to get winter ready! Their pizza oven provides enough heat to keep them toasty warm but they needed lighting and power to run their favourite gadgets!

We carried out a free home visit to find out what the lovely couple required to make their pergola come to life. Special consideration for wheel chair users was required when choosing the heights for light switches and power points and we discussed locations and carried out some demonstrations of the finished heights before completing the installation.

Suitable lighting was required to illuminate the area when cooking and preparing food. We chose a modern ip65 weather proof LED low profile light and placed it in a suitable position to illuminate the area. Mood lighting was also a must to create a more relaxed cosy feel when all the hard work was done!

The newly installed power sockets were put to work straight away with warm white festoon lighting creating a warm and cosy feel for relaxing and enjoying a stone baked freshly cooked pizza followed by the more exciting party mood string lights around the whole structure of the pergola!

We loved carrying out this project, the customer and ourselves were delighted with the installation and knowing the fun and enjoyment that’s going to be had only makes it better! Fantastic customer! Enjoy your new look pergola.